Together We Learn and Lead

Together we Learn and Lead Mural
Together we Learn and Lead mural hangs in our common area to remind us each day what we are striving for.

Community support for Delnorte School continues to be a great strength, and was instrumental in the modernization process and other fundraising endeavours.  For instance, the playground was planned, sponsored and built by a local parent group and through community support.  These groups, along with independent business owners, provide a significant amounts of support each year towards field trips, extensions to our physical education program, graduation, additional books for our library, and for special events.

Delnorte School had undergone a substantial modernization which was completed in January 2010.  The community had been working towards this goal for many years. It is hoped that this modernization can serve as a model of success for small rural schools in the province, integrating the use of innovative technology, creative use of space, accessibility, and community and parental involvement.

Additional student support services offered at Delnorte School include the SEC (Social Emotional Coach), IL (Inclusive Learning Services), VIBE Mental Health Capacity Building, FCSS and PRN learning, prevention, and capacity building programs, and RCMP liaison partnerships.  These organizations provide counselling and educational services to children, capacity building wihtin our community and important support to ensure our school is safe and caring.